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  • Save More by Water
  • 10 Best Ways to Save Water
  • Article Listing
  • Save More by Water
  • 10 Best Ways to Save Water
  • 10 Best Ways to Save Water

    10 Best Ways to Save Water

    Water conservation in the backyard, kitchen and bathroom

    You probably don’t think too much about your water bill. But compare a recent bill to one from, say, a decade ago: rates have climbed as much as 8 to 10 percent per year. If only household incomes could rise like that! Here are 10 ways to stop wasting water and start saving money.

    1. Plan a green bathroom renovation

    Bathrooms use more H2O than any other room but smart fixtures can dramatically cut water use. See how your home could benefit by trying the Home Energy Savings Calculator, and get inspiration from EcoLiving makeovers including:

            •   Unveiling a Green Bathroom Makeover

            •   We slashed our water bill by 70%

           •   Eco Bathroom Remodel

    2. Install a high-efficiency toilet

    Toilets use more water than any other fixture, and older toilets can consume 13 litres or more per flush. Get more info on dual-flush toilets.

    3. Shorten your shower

    We pulled together this playlist of money-saving shower songs to keep you movin’!

    4. Change your showerhead

    This affordable update makes a huge difference and doesn’t require a plumber. We even found a high-efficiency rain showerhead so you can save while you shower in style.

    5. Switch to a high-efficiency faucet

    Water-saving faucets maintain pressure while using less water. The faucet used in this eco-friendly basement bathroom renovation gets bonus points for being Canadian.

    6. Consider an electronic faucet

    The one in this budget bathroom automatically turns on and off to conserve water. See how a Delta faucet we used in this contest winner’s kitchen reduces waste.

    7. Upgrade your dishwasher

    It’s the kitchen’s biggest water drain, so buy an Energy Star to conserve water and save energy in the kitchen.

    8. Use a drip hose and timer

    Sprinklers lose water to evaporation while soaker hoses deliver moisture slowly to a plant’s roots. Put one on a timer; see more green ideas in 5 Summer Savers.

    9. Plant a drought-tolerant garden

    Check out 14 plants that save water—many were used in this green backyard makeover.

    10. Update your washing machine

    Energy Star washers use up to 50 per cent less water than conventional models. Find out what to look for in laundry room essentials.

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